Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Fan Mail

Grief Counselor

Peter,    I would love to bring you here for a program on stress with hospital staff. In 1995 you were a keynote speaker in Miami, Fla. for a group of grief counselors called ADEC. It was my first ADEC conference, first time in Miami, had taken three plane trips to get there from rural Louisiana. When we got to where supper was supposed to be before your presentation, I noticed you (hard to miss a tall one with pink socks). It was stifling hot, and there was only one glass of water on a tray. I let you have it, because you asked for it and looked kind of pitiful and said something like, "I'm soo thirsty and I have to go talk." I was thinking, "What the hell is he talking about, like HE is the keynote?! HA! Get real. What a world, what a world." Imagine my utter amazement when you got on the stage later and you were the speaker? I was speechless. I have to tell you I have been to every conference since then with ADEC, and we have NEVER had the quality of presentation that you gave us. I don't think I have laughed as hard in 5 years as I laughed that night. This last year, one of the members did some of your stuff. It worked okay, but you are an original. Just wanted to share that with you. I bought your video and several audios. I use them all the time with kids. Works great. I have used the grief sculpt game with the strings many times, and it always works. Thanks very much for the good work you do. 

Sincerely, Becky Watkins


Dear Dr. Alsop,     Please keep me on your e-mailing list, as I love your work even though I have not bought any stuff in a while. Grandkids are coming up! I'm also an educator. Thanks for your it.


Teen Detention Center

First I want to tell you thanks for coming here and showing us your movie. Your movie you made was great. I learn from it how to be supported your family and that you shouldn't threat your boyfriend or girlfriend and you should work out your problems instead of threaten someone. I also learn from the movie is that you should take good care of your baby and be there for them and don't kill yourself for hurting your boyfriend or girlfriends feelings. If you love a person you shouldn't hurt them.


Courageous Abuse Survivor

Dear Peter,     Last May you spoke at the ECI Conference in Austin. In the general meeting you said to "let go of the one thing that was holding you back." For years I had tried to give up the awful feeling I had because I was molested as a child. As you spoke, I gave up being a victim and took control of me. Through a series of events, I finally gained the courage to file for divorce in October. I'm leaving a marriage of 13 years that I have existed in for 11 years. We have 3 young children 10, 6, and 4. I feel that I am finally me after all these years. The divorce will be rough for them, but growing up as they were would be more damaging. I also no longer have the desire to sooth myself with food and have lost 20 pounds without effort. I have thought about writing you many times to let you know the impact you made in me life. You have touched my spirit and I am forever grateful.

Amanda Dodge (name changed)


Hi Peter,     Great idea to set up web page. Just watched 2 of your video s with my granddaughter this week! She's only 2 years old but is mesmerized as is her grammy. The one she liked the most was the one on Kid Power called, "Wake Up!" Even though she might be too young to grasp all the concepts, she was riveted to all the kids and to you, Peter!

Phyliss Shanken - Psychologist,


Disabled Kids

Dear Peter,     As I am sure you could tell, you were a smash hit and a major producer of smiles at the Fulfillment Fund Holiday Party for disabled children. You have a glorious talent for tickling the "kid" inside the very young, and polishing it to a brilliant sheen inside the not so very young. Thank you, Peter, not only for your music and inspiration, but for the support you gave to all of us backstage on the day of the event. I hope this will be part of a long line of joint undertakings to make this world of ours a better place to live. Appreciatively,

Todd Mandel, Associate Director

In The Hospital

Dear Peter Alsop,     Your songs are very funny. The first time I heard it I laughed until my sides hurt. I like the part when you put the bedpan on your head. I thank you very much for making this tape. I feel comfortable because I was in the hospital too. I had four surgeries when I was a baby and one in May this year. I had a hole in my heart. I am okay now. You're the best songmaker ever. Yours truly,

Jeremy Hastings

Music Therapist

Hi Peter,     I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your music in working with my music therapy clients. I frequently use a variety of your songs and stories in working with diverse populations. In particular, I have one young client, a six year old girl, who is apraxic. Her speech has been mostly unintelligible. Her psychiatrist and psychologist referred her for music therapy. I began using your "I Am A Pizza" song to stimulate reciprocity and conversation. (That song in particular, with it's repeating phrases is very effective.) Surprise! She sings the song very clearly. She sings it at home, at school, and even sang it for her psychiatrist at her latest evaluation with him. Her speech is becoming more clear at other times as well. I was working with her at school a few weeks ago when an aide came into the room to get something and couldn't believe it was *Debbie* (not her real name). Debbie's behavior has improved. She is able to transition from one activity to another. Life is looking good for this young girl. Thanks so much for the terrific music. Your music has great therapeutic value disguised as fun. (I think that's the way it's supposed to be.) Thanks again.

Cynthia Shawcroft, MT-BC


Fans remember...

Peter!       I was screwing around at work remembering back to Boy Scout trips when we'd play your album "Take Me With You!" It must've been funny seeing a bunch of 16 year olds singing stupid children songs on the way to a 40 mile hike, but it was fun enough to create lasting memories. At the age of 27, I just bought this same album to listen to on long trips and remember the morals that were in your songs. I really just wanted to say, thanks for the entertainment and the good times your songs were a part of.

Tom Purnell

* * *

Dear Mr. Alsop,     About fifteen years ago when I was four or five, I saw you at Holstein's (long gone now) in Chicago and I got a copy of your LP, "What d'ya Wanna Do?" That was a long time ago, but even now, I still enjoy putting it on.

I now work with a new band in Chicago, and I must say that right up there with the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd, your work has one of the greatest inspirations for much of mine. Thanks for providing me with all these years of good music, which still sounds as great as it did when I was five.

Adam Harrington

* * *

Dear Peter,     I absolutely LOVE your music!! I heard "My Body" on WXPN - Kids Corner here in Philly many years ago, and it brought tears to my eyes. And that was before I had kids of my own! I have your "Wha'd'Ya Wanna Do?" CD, and it's one that is hard to pull OUT of the CD carousel! I also have "Fan Club Favorites", which is my new best friend.     My brother passed away from ALS on Monday, and your "Eulogy" song is PERFECT. I have played it for many people already, and it really hits home for me -- Thank You!! Do you have the lyrics available for "Eulogy?" Can you send them to me? If so, do I have your permission to include them on my brothers' website?  Thank You Very Much for the Messages you Deliver!!

Tom Kramlik

* * *

Hi,   I am one of those kids that loved your music when I was 8 and still  like it when I am feeling blue. My little sister loves the onion song. How can  I know when you will be near my town? Do you send out notices? Thanks for  all you do for our worlds teachers and kids! I am blind and love the songs  about being different. I think kids need to hear and learn they don't have to be afraid of other people that are different. Thanks again and have a wonderful  holiday! 

Brandy and Guide dog Filene

* * *

Peter,    It has been a few years since my children asked me to buy any of your tapes. They're almost out of the nest. But I wish to thank you for your music. When we 1st heard your music it was at the Childrens' Hospital, Seattle, WA. My 2nd child was going through 6 months of testing every week. We bought 4 of your tapes and sung our way to smiles and many adventures ourselves. Your tapes have taught my children to look at people as well as themselves as special. My husband was in the military and soon we were transferred to Japan. We shared your music to all the children's friends for 7 years. Now that we are back in the states we've found that your tapes, as well as other children's tapes, could not be found easily. Sad. My youngest who is a 7th grader and I were talking about the memories of your songs and it hit me to see if you have a site. Thank-you, thank-you for your music. God gave you a wonderful gift.

Debbie Gowen


The Workout CD...

I bought your new DID YOU WALK cd and took it to my pre-k class. THEY LOVED IT!!! The giggles samba was a hoot and they were very impressed with themselves when they heard how many steps they walked. they want to do it everyday but I don't think my body can handle it. Thanks for such a great addition to our daily routine.    I have been using your music with pre-schoolers for 20 years.  Your album Wha'd'ya Wanna Do  was a major help in calming down one of the most ADHD 4year olds I ever had.  He would sit and listen to it for hours with headphones if I had let him.  He  would dance in his seat, giggle and sing along. It was a major breakthrough in controlling his behavior.  He would really work hard at controlling his  behavior if that was his reward.  Thanks for years of fun and help.

Robbi Borine