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Music for Children and Adults


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Peter's DVDs

Peter's live concert with his kids in Topanga!

Costume Party

Fun for kids of all ages!

When Jesus Was A Kid

"We couldn't get a camel, but we have a Golden Retriever with a hump!"



Wake Up!

This one has saved some kid's lives! Child abuse prevention

Get Real!

for parents, teachers, and other human service Professionals, how to "sculpt with People"

When Kids Say Goodbye

Helping kids and families cope with loss.

Sometimes Si, Sometimes No!

Helping kids and parents understand alcoholism



Wha'D'Ya Wanna Do?

Click on the book to buy for $11.

For e-version call 800-676-5480.  $7.

These songs encourage laughter, fun, independence, and imaginative thinking. Exercises, questions and suggested discussion topics are included for each song to help parents and teachers talk with children about such sensitive and difficult issues as anger, loss, sexism and self-protection.


Take Me With You! (in e-version only $7.)

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These songs help parents and teachers address sensitive issues with children such as fear, risk-taking, peer pressure, self-esteem, world peace, violence, anger, disabilities, touching and self-protection.  Along with having fun and laughing with each othere, there are exercises, questions and discussion topics included with each song.


Animal Crackers

Chickens For Peace

Gnarly Dude

He Eats Asparagus

Hey Ev'rybody!


I'm A Little Cookie

Irish Seatbelt Jig

It's No Fun When Ya Gotta Eat An Onion

Kid's Peace Song

Let 'Em Laugh

Let's Go!

Letter To Mr. Brown


New Games

No Easy Answers

No One's Normal

Samit and the Dragon

Take Me With You

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Stayin' Over

Click on the book to buy for $11.

For e-version call 800-676-5480.  $7.

These award winning songs have been sung and enjoyed by kids and their families for years.  Some will get you laughing, and hopefully all of them will stir your feelings and imagination. 

"Stayin' Over" won both the Best Children's Recording Award from N.A.I.R.D. (The National Association of Independent Record Distributors and Manufacturers), and the Parents' Choice Honors Award.  We have also included songs from "In The Hospital", an album that Peter and Bill Harley did together.  We won the Parents' Choice "Best Children's Recording" Gold Award.  Other songs from that recording not included here can be found in either the "Wha'D'Ya Wanna Do?" Songbook or the "Take Me With You" Songbook.  All the songs encourage laughter and imaginative thinking, and they have exercises, questions and discussion topics to help parents and teachers talk with children about lonliness, friendship, perfectionism, facial disfigurement, fear, taking time with loved ones, controlling, respect for feelings, death, learning by doing, being different, divorce, chemical dependency, safe places and setting boundaries.



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